Age of Jackson Comprehensive Unit: Interactive Slides, Student Questions, & Primary Source



Help your American history students learn about the Age of Jackson (also known as the Jacksonian Era) and its influence on history of the United States with this PowerPoint and Google Slides curriculum which includes a primary source activity plus student guide notes questions.

This presentations goes over the controversial presidency of Andrew Jackson with topics such as the Bank War, Nullification Crisis, Panic of 1837, and more. Additionally, there is a slide with questions asking students to analyze a historical drawing. It also includes a primary source by Frederick Douglass for students to analyze.

This is a great PowerPoint (or Google Slides) you can use to present to your class or give to them to study on their own. The design is professional and with the right amount of words on each slide (i.e. NO death by PowerPoint). The content is very detailed in the notes, so if you are busy, you can simply open the slides in front of the class and read the notes (it is suggested you review the slides before class though). Furthermore, it includes a guide sheet that you can print and use when presenting. The information in the guide sheet and PPT notes include additional information that is not on the slides. This way, the teacher can add interesting little comments or data to each slide.

You can make changes to the PPT, if you deem it necessary. This presentation can be used in Microsoft PowerPoint or Google Slides (if you want to use Google Slides, just click the link on the provided file).

Content in PPT includes:

  • Historical timeline
  • Nullification Crisis
  • Force Bill
  • Eaton Affair
  • Bank War
  • King Andrew the First drawing analysis
  • Panic of 1837
  • Anti-Masonic Party
  • Know Nothing Party
  • Whig Party
  • William Henry Harrison and John Tyler presidencies
  • Denmark Vesey Rebellion
  • Nat Turners’s Rebellion
  • and more!

This presentation really shows the tumultuous years during the Era of Jackson. There is enough detail to keep the students engaged and interested. They will learn how the National Bank works and how it has been a controversy for all of American history. They will also learn more about states’ rights. They will be able to see how the American Civil War was getting closer in the 1830s.

One slide includes the famous image of King Andrew the First. In the notes, there are questions. This really divides the class nicely between presentation/lecture and interactive activity. Students can work in pairs and answer the questions. The teacher can either ask the questions verbally or print out the questions and hand the out to the students.

This PPT follows standard American history textbooks.

How to use this product:

  • Present the PowerPoint (or Google Slides) in the classroom; one slide includes an interactive activity for students to complete
  • Present the Google Slides via Zoom (if distance learning)
  • Present and discuss – while presenting, get students involved and create discussion questions that get students thinking like a historian and comparing historical events to current events. Some discussion questions are included in some of the slides.
  • Print presentation with notes and let students read the slides
  • Alternatively: have students view the slides, and they present the material in groups

Additional information

Grade Level

8th, 9th, 10th

Resource Types

Full Units, Homeschool, PowerPoints, Google Slides


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