APUSH Timelines (Timer Periods 1-9) | American History Timelines


Get the all-in-one APUSH bundle for stunning timelines covering periods 1-9, perfect for reference, classroom décor, and activities spanning Native American cultures to the present!


This bundle includes all AP US History time periods (i.e., periods 1-9) to create beautiful history timelines. These APUSH timelines are great reference files or classroom decorations; they can also be used as class activities in AP US History class and any American history class. They cover American history from Native American cultures to the American Revolution, American Civil War, two World Wars, and all the way to the present (and much, much more)!

How to use There are many ways to use these timelines:

  1. Reference files for teacher to keep on desk or wall to view when necessary
  2. Reference files for students to keep handy while studying American history; gives students a visual aid for the chronological order of events
  3. Print, laminate, and put on classroom wall for everybody to see (print 26″x15.5″ 17″x11″ or 11″x8.5″)
  4. Cut the timelines into pieces and have students put it back together
  5. White out a copy of the timeline, photocopy it for the students, then have students fill in the blank

* If you would like us to add something to any of the timelines, please let us know and we will update the file for you to download.

Additional information

Grade Level

10th, 11th, 12th

Resource Types

Printables, Timeline




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