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Immerse your American history students in the fascinating narrative of British America with this carefully curated PowerPoint (or Google Slides) package, including student queries and primary source tasks. This resource is perfect for any U.S. History course delving into the era of the British colonies pre-American Revolution. Equip your students with a comprehensive knowledge of life in Colonial America, providing an in-depth exploration of the original 13 colonies.

This educational toolkit brings to life significant events of the era, such as Bacon’s Rebellion and the Pequot War, and provides an insightful view into the complex history of slavery in British America. Through this compelling British America module, students will traverse the minutiae of the colonial period, gaining an overarching understanding of the epoch.

The PowerPoint (or Google Slides) layout is sleek and professional, maintaining the focus on the rich content and avoiding the infamous “death by PowerPoint” pitfall. An added plus is the extensive notes provided with each slide, a godsend for time-strapped educators. This guide can be employed as is, or tailored to accommodate your unique pedagogical approach.

This user-friendly resource is compatible with both Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides, functioning as either an engaging lecture presentation or an informative self-guided study tool for students. Allow your students to step into the past and experience Colonial America in an unprecedented way!

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8th, 9th, 10th

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Full Units, Homeschool, PowerPoints, Google Slides


Colonial America


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