Cherokee Creation Story: Engaging Primary Source Activities – Discover the Fascinating Origins


Grades: 8, 9, 10

Engage with the Cherokee creation story using interactive worksheets that enhance cultural understanding and historical skills!

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Learn about the Cherokee creation story with this engaging and interactive primary source activity for your history class! Your students will engage themselves into the culture of the Southeast Native American tribe and understand the importance of creation stories for indigenous peoples. It’s a great resource for improving historical thinking skills!

This comprehensive resource includes background information on the Cherokee people. This background information helps learners understand the Cherokee tribe.

After the background information, there is a primary source about the Cherokee creation story. Students should read this text and take notes in the provided box.

After reading the primary source, there are a wide variety of historical thinking and interactive worksheets. One sheet has students analyze the historical background, intended audience, purpose, and point of view of the primary source. Another helps students with vocabulary from the text. There are also different question types as well to check comprehension.

For the interactive activity, students do research on different creation stories from around the world, then present their findings to the class.

There is ZERO prep needed. Just print or load the activity to your Learning Management System (LMS). The activity includes a PDF and Google Docs version. Choose the version that works best for you and your students!


Cherokee primary source activity for middle school history teachers
Cherokee primary source activities

Cherokee Creation Story Primary Source Materials include:

  1. Background information
  2. Cherokee primary source
  3. Historical thinking analysis
  4. Summary and vocabulary sheet
  5. Comprehension question
  6. Quiz questions
  7. Second primary source to compare
  8. Interactive activity


How to use this activity:

This resource can be used in different ways. You can use it as an in-class activity or give it to students for homework. If you do this activity in class, you can read the primary sources together as a class or put the students into groups, then do the activities that follow.


Students will be able to…

  • Have a general understanding of the Cherokee tribe
  • Understand the Cherokee creation story
  • Think like a historian
  • Read, comprehend, and analyze primary sources
  • Improve vocabulary


Supplementary Supplies on the Cherokee Nation

For primary sources and other sources that can supplement this curriculum, visit the official website of the Cherokee Nation.

Additional information

Grade Level

9th, 10th, 11th, 12th

Resource Types

Primary Source Activities, DBQs, Printables


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