History of Thanksgiving: Engaging Presentation & Trivia Game


Enjoy this engaging resource on the history of Thanksgiving for middle school students, exploring the festival’s history, cultural significance, and modern traditions through interactive activities, discussions, and an included trivia game.

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Are you searching for an inspiring and thorough method to educate your pupils about the rich history of Thanksgiving? Begin an adventure with our enthralling educational resource that teaches about the evolution of this treasured American festivity, meticulously tailored to capture the attention of inquisitive young learners. Explore the vivid narrative of Thanksgiving’s past, beginning with the Pilgrims’ arrival in Plymouth and the enduring connections they formed with the local Wampanoag people.

Our masterfully designed curriculum fuses interactive activities and stimulating discussions, sparking your students’ inquisitiveness and broadening their knowledge of this important celebration. Our material explores the inaugural Thanksgiving feast in 1621, the holiday’s progression through British America and the United States, as well as the contemporary traditions we still hold dear.

Learners will untangle the intricate history of Thanksgiving, investigating the bonds between the Pilgrims and the native tribes, the impact of the holiday on the formation of the United States, and the origins of our cherished Thanksgiving practices. Don’t let this extraordinary chance to invigorate your classroom with the captivating tale of Thanksgiving slip away—embrace this unparalleled educational journey today!

History of Halloween
Slides that teach the history of Thanksgiving


But the fun doesn’t stop there! We’ve also included an exciting and interactive trivia game, designed to reinforce the lessons your students learn in the first half of the presentation. The game is challenging and engaging, with questions that cover a wide range of topics related to Thanksgiving. Correct answers allow students to move forward, while incorrect answers send them back to try again. This game can be played as a full class, or you can share the Google Slides version of the activity with students and let them play in groups or individually.

Halloween Trivia
Engaging trivia questions that tests students’ knowledge


And the best part? Our presentation is not just for history class! Whether you’re a social studies teacher, English teacher, art teacher, or drama teacher, you can easily incorporate the presentation and trivia game into your curriculum. Our versatile teaching resource is ideal for students in grades 7-9 and can be adapted for younger or older students.

If you’re looking for an entertaining and informative way to teach your students about the history of Thanksgiving, our comprehensive teaching resource is just what you need. Order now and discover the rich cultural heritage behind this beloved holiday with your students!


  1. PowerPoint file (includes presentation and trivia)
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Our comprehensive teaching resource comes in two versions: PowerPoint and Google Slides. When using either version, it’s important to view the resource in “slide show” view to fully immerse your students in the presentation and for the trivia to work properly.

To get started, begin by teaching your students about the fascinating history of Thanksgiving using the first part of our presentation. Engage your students by asking them questions and expanding on each slide, encouraging them to participate and ask questions of their own. This interactive approach is sure to keep your students fully engaged and immersed in the rich cultural history of the holiday.

Once you’ve completed the history lesson, it’s time for the exciting and interactive trivia game! This fun game is designed to reinforce the lessons learned from the first part of the presentation, and can be played individually or in teams. You can even keep score on a classroom board, adding a fun competitive element to the learning experience.



Visit the Lessons in Humanities blog and learn about the History of Thanksgiving by reading “Thanksgiving’s Past: A Bountiful Journey of Harvest and Gratitude

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For more information on the history of Thanksgiving plus a library of primary sources that can supplement this resource, visit the Library of Congress.

If you have any questions, please contact us at info@lessonsinhumanities.com

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