William’s Journey to Jamestown – A Graphic Novel with Comprehension & Critical Thinking Activities


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Discover “William’s Journey to Jamestown,” a graphic novel enhancing critical thinking and understanding of America’s first English settlement.

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Embark on a thrilling journey to the first English settlement in the New World with “William’s Journey to Jamestown”! This captivating graphic novel is specially designed to inspire curiosity and enthusiasm about history while also enhancing your students’ comprehension and critical thinking skills.

Follow the story of William, a brave young boy who voyaged from London to establish a settlement along the James River in the New World. The graphic novel depicts the many challenges faced by the settlers, from the perils of the Atlantic passage to famine and conflicts with the Powhatan Native People.

Through this immersive experience, students will gain a deeper understanding of the significance of the Jamestown settlement in American history, as well as learn about key historical figures like John Smith, John Rolfe, and Pocahontas. The graphic novel’s “big history” perspective encourages students to view this tale in the broader context of American history.

This resource requires ZERO prep work, making it a perfect addition to any fifth or sixth-grade classroom or homeschooling curriculum. After reading the graphic novel, students will complete engaging activities that encourage them to think like historians, analyze the story, and develop a deeper understanding of the historical context surrounding the first English settlement in the New World.

Order “William’s Journey to Jamestown” today and bring history to life for your students with this engaging graphic novel and accompanying comprehension and critical thinking questions. Help your students hone their literacy skills while exploring the fascinating origins of American history. Don’t miss out on this exciting learning opportunity!


William's Journey to Jamestown
“William’s Journey to Jamestown” graphic novel


The post-reading activities include:

  • Comprehension and critical thinking questions
  • Timeline sequence
  • Vocabulary
  • Identifying Jamestown jobs
  • Writing a letter back home to England


Materials include:

  • Story for students to read
  • Activities for students to complete
  • Print PDF version and Google Docs version


How to use this activity

There are different ways teachers can use this activity. It is suggested the students first read the story. This can be done individual, in groups, or as a class. Then students need to complete the accompanying activities. These activities can be done in class or as homework.


Students will be able to…

  • Have a general understanding of the history of Jamestown
  • Think like a historian
  • Read, comprehend, and analyze a historical story
  • Improve vocabulary
  • Write a letter


To get a better idea how this activity works, CLICK HERE

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Visit the Lessons in Humanities blog and learn about the History of Jamestown by reading “Discovering the Roots of America: Teaching Jamestown Colony to Fifth and Sixth Grade Students”

Teaching Jamestown Colony


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