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Check out this engaging PowerPoint (or Google Slides) presentation on World War I from the American perspective. It will help your students learn about the alliance system that started World War I, some major battles (e.g. Battle of Verdun, Battle of the Marne), reasons for the United States joining the war, and much more! In addition to the PPT, a primary source activity on the 1918 Flu Pandemic is included.

Content in PPT includes:

  • Causes of World War I
  • Alliance System
  • Assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand
  • Mexican Revolution
  • American neutrality
  • Central Power and Allied Powers
  • Schlieffen Plan
  • First Battle of the Marne
  • Trench Warfare
  • Christmas truce
  • Battles of Isonzo
  • Battle of Verdun
  • Lusitania
  • Sussex Pledge
  • U-Boat warfare
  • Zimmerman Telegram
  • U.S. joining the war
  • 92nd and 93rd Divisions
  • Committee on Public Information
  • Sacrifices at home
  • War bonds
  • Russian Revolution
  • Spring Offensive
  • Second Battle of the Marne
  • Hundred Days Offensive
  • Battle of St. Mihiel
  • Meuse River–Argonne Forest Offensive
  • Aviation in World War I
  • 1918 Flu Pandemic (Spanish Flu)
  • Fourteen Points
  • League of Nations
  • Great Migration
  • Red Summer of 1919
  • Tulsa Race Massacre
  • and much more!

Files in this download include:

  • Editable PPT (Google Slides option available)
  • Primary Source PDF (Google Drive option available)
  • Student Study Guide Notes (print or load to LMS)
  • Editable Word Document version
  • Fillable PDF version
  • PDF version
  • Answer key
  • Teacher Guide PDF (print one copy for you)

If you are a busy social studies teacher that expects the best for your students and want to feel confident in front of the class, this PPT is perfect because it is professionally designed, useful, and enjoyable for the students.

Zero to minimal preparation necessary. Just print the Teacher Guide Sheet for you (if you deem it necessary), then print the Student Study Guide Notes and primary source for students. If you want to save time (and paper), you could simply upload these files to your Learning Management System (LMS) and students could use the files on their devices.

To make the lesson more interactive, one slide directs the students to read a primary source on the 1918 Flu Pandemic. Students can work in groups, read the primary source, answer the questions (which can be found on their Student Study Guide Notes), then you can have a class discussion.

The design is professional and with the right amount of words on each slide (i.e. NO death by PowerPoint). The content is very detailed in the notes, so if you are busy, you could simply open the slides in front of the class and read the notes (it is suggested you review the slides before class though).

Furthermore, it includes a teacher guide sheet that you can print and use when presenting. The information in the guide sheet and PPT notes include additional information that is not on the slides (in other words, it will make you look smart!). This way, you can add interesting little comments or data to each slide. You can either print the whole guide sheet, or just the pages you need help with.

You can make changes to the PPT, if you deem it necessary. This presentation can be used in Microsoft PowerPoint or Google Slides (if you want to use Google Slides, just click the link which is found in the first slide).

This PPT follows standard American history textbooks.

How to use this presentation:

  • Present the PowerPoint (or Google Slides) in the classroom; one slide includes an interactive primary source activity for students to complete
  • Present and discuss – while presenting, get students involved and create discussion questions that get students thinking like a historian and comparing historical events to current events
  • Students fill out the Student Study Guide Notes while you are presenting

Additional information

Grade Level

8th, 9th, 10th

Resource Types

Full Units, Homeschool, PowerPoints, Google Slides


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