American Revolution, Constitution, & a New Nation PowerPoints & Google Slides



This curriculum includes interactive PowerPoints, Google Slides, student questions, and primary source activities on the American Revolution, creation and ratification of the American Constitution, and the beginning of the United States during the George Washington and John Adams presidencies.


Each PowerPoint (or Google Slides) comes with a primary source activity with questions for students to answer. It also includes questions for students to answer while the teacher presents the PPTs. These questions keep the students focused.


Lessons in this bundle include:

Long-term origins of American Revolution

Short-term causes of the American Revolution

Sugar Act

Currency Act

Stamp Act (and repeal)

Declaratory Act

Townshend Acts

Colonial resistance

Tea Act and Boston Tea Party

Coercive Act (Intolerable Act)

First Continental Congress

American Revolution

Lexington and Concord

Battle of Bunker Hill

Battle of Saratoga

Siege of Yorktown

Consequences of American Revolution

Articles of Confederation

Attempted coup d’état

Shays’s Rebellion

Constitutional Convention
Three Branches of government

Legislative Branch

Executive Branch

Judicial Branch

Virginia Plan

New Jersey Plan

Electoral College

Ratifying the Constitution

Federalist Papers

Anti-Federalist Papers

Bill of Rights

Hamilton’s Financial System

National Bank

Whiskey Rebellion

Jay’s Treaty

New Political Parties (Federalist and Democratic-Republicans)

French Revolution

XYZ Affair

French Quasi-War

Alien and Sedition Acts

Revolution of 1800

Marbury versus Madison

… and more!


These presentations touch on all of the above topics and adds more detail. Students will understand American history in great detail.


Files included with each lesson:

• Editable PowerPoint (Google Slides option available)

• Primary Source PDF (Google Drive option available) with questions for students

• Student Study Guide Notes (print for students or load to LMS)

– Students fill in this document during (and after) the presentation

• Teacher Guide PDF (print one copy for you)


These PPTs and Google Slides work with traditional American history textbooks.


How to use these presentation:

  • Present the PowerPoint (or Google Slides) in the classroom
  • If using Google Slides, click the link provided and copy the slides into your Google Docs (very easy)
  • Present the Google Slides via Zoom (if distance learning)
  • Present and discuss – while presenting, get students involved and create discussion questions that get students thinking like a historian and comparing historical events to current events
  • Print presentation with notes and let students read the slides (and notes)
  • Alternatively: have students view the slides, and they present the material in groups


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