Colliding Cultures PowerPoint & Google Slides + “City Upon a Hill”



The Colliding Cultures PowerPoint and Google slides teaches students about the meeting of the Europeans like the Spanish, French, Dutch, and English with the Indigenous Americans in the New World. This lesson includes a primary source activity on John Winthrop’s “City Upon a Hill.” The primary source activity can be used as a classroom activity, or it can be given to students as homework.

How to use this bundle (suggestion):

  1. Present the PowerPoint (or Google Slides) in one class. While presenting, keep the students active by turning the presentation into a discussion. Then, give the primary source activity as homework. If you have time in class (or need a filler activity), you can start reading the text together.
  2. Turn this into a two class lesson. In class one, present the PowerPoint (or Google Slides) to the class. Then do the go over the primary source homework in the second class.

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