History of Christmas for Kids!



Christmas is a great time to teach your students about the history of the Christmas tree, Santa Claus, wreaths, and more! If you are looking for something fun for your elementary students this Christmas season, check out this great Google Slides activity!

To get a better understanding how this activity works, check out this preview video: History of Christmas for Kids!

This activity teaches students about the origins of the Christmas tree, Christmas lights, Christmas wreaths, Christmas carols, Santa Claus, and Jingle Bells!

Then, the fun starts. After the teaching is done, students have to answer some questions to see how much they learned. Other activities include a matching activity, map activity, and other fun stuff like creating a Christmas village and decorating a Christmas tree.

How you can use this activity

  1. First teach your students about the history of Christmas (first part of the Google Slides)
  2. Then, complete the activities as a class or in small groups
  3. Nominate students to answer the question or match the picture
  4. Students can come up to the big screen and answer the questions themselves
  5. Alternatively, if students have access to computers or iPads, they can do the activities individually

Alternative options

Students could also do the activities at home on their computers or iPads

Please note: When using this activity in Google Slides, use it in the EDIT mode, not present mode.


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