Engaging Primary Source Activities on the History of Russia for World History Teachers



Travel Through Time and Explore Russia’s Rich History: Engage Your World History Students with Exciting Primary Source Activities.

From the early days of Kievan Rus to the present-day Russian Federation, immerse your students in the fascinating story of Russia’s past through this diverse collection of primary source activities.

Your students will delve into the pages of the Russian Primary Chronicles, witness the rule of powerful leaders such as Catherine the Great and Peter the Great, and analyze the emancipation of serfdom. They will uncover the intriguing life of Rasputin and the influence of the Soviet Union and Joseph Stalin on Russian society.

But the journey does not end there. These activities also cover contemporary events such as the Russia-Ukraine War and the leadership styles of Vladimir Putin and Volodymyr Zelensky.

Equip your students with the tools to think critically and analyze historical events through engaging primary source activities on Russian history that will leave a lasting impression.

These activities will help students better understand relevant geopolitical events of the 21st century.

There is ZERO prep needed. Just print or load the activities to your Learning Management System (LMS). The activities include a PDF and Google Docs versions.

Choose the version that works best for your class!

Materials include

  1. Background information
  2. Primary sources
  3. Historical thinking questions

How to use these activities

There are many ways to use these activities. You can read them the primary sources and answer the questions in class, or you can assign these activities as homework.

Students will be able to…

  • Have a general understanding of the origins of Russia and Ukraine
  • Understand the Russian Empire, Catherine the Great, Peter the Great, and Rasputin
  • Understand the Soviet Union and Joseph Stalin
  • Understand the Russia-Ukraine War
  • Think like a historian
  • Analyze charts and maps
  • Read, comprehend, and analyze primary sources
  • Improve vocabulary

Additional information

Resource Types

Homeschool, Primary Source Activities, DBQs


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