Biography of Martin Luther King Jr: Captivating Presentation & Trivia Game for Middle School Teachers


Get a comprehensive and engaging Google Slides presentation and trivia game on Martin Luther King Jr.’s major life events, empowering your students’ understanding of his contributions to the Civil Rights Movement, with a ready-made tool for busy teachers that is both useful and fun, so order now and teach with confidence!

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Distinguished history teachers, we are delighted to offer you a riveting method to enlighten your pupils about the extraordinary life of Martin Luther King Jr. Our enthralling presentation, accompanied by a stimulating trivia game, is tailored to unveil the storied journey of this unparalleled leader of the Civil Rights Movement in a manner that captivates young minds.

Our diligently assembled resource highlights the seminal events of Dr. King’s life, encompassing the Montgomery Bus Boycott, the Birmingham Campaign, and the March on Washington, where his enduring declaration, “I Have a Dream,” captivated the collective spirit of a nation. Your pupils shall gain insights into the profound impact of Dr. King’s role in the movement and the lasting implications of his distinguished legacy on the society we inhabit today.

As a zealous and tireless educator, it is understandable that the prospect of devising first-rate lessons within the confines of limited time may be daunting. Fear not, for our carefully crafted presentation and trivia game offer you an indispensable and efficacious resource that is not only relevant but immensely enjoyable. Your pupils will be thoroughly engaged by the interactive dynamics of the trivia game, which effortlessly strengthens their grasp of key principles while sustaining their curiosity and enthusiasm throughout the lesson.

Do not let this exceptional chance slip by to present your students with a memorable and edifying lesson on the life and accomplishments of Martin Luther King Jr. Secure our offering now and embark on your instructional journey with renewed assurance and poise.


Martin Luther King biography presentation
Slides that teach the about the life of Martin Luther King Jr.


Contained within this resource, you shall find an invigorating and interactive trivia game, meticulously fashioned to consolidate the teachings imparted during the initial segment of the presentation. The game, both stimulating and absorbing, encompasses a diverse array of inquiries pertaining to Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights Movement.

Accurate responses propel the students onward, while erroneous answers necessitate a return to the drawing board for further attempts. This game may be enjoyed as a collective classroom endeavor, or you may opt to disseminate the Google Slides rendition of the activity, granting your pupils the flexibility to partake in the amusement either collaboratively or independently.


Martin Luther King Trivia for teachers
Engaging trivia questions that tests students’ knowledge


Among the myriad virtues of our presentation lies its exceptional versatility, enabling its seamless integration into a diverse range of subjects beyond the realm of history alone. Be it social studies, English, civics, art, drama, or other disciplines, our presentation and game can be effortlessly woven into your curriculum. Crafted with students in grades 7-9 in mind, our resource is readily adaptable to accommodate the needs of younger or older learners.

This lesson proves particularly beneficial when exploring the Civil Rights Movement, in anticipation of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, or as a fitting tribute during Black History Month.

Procure our resource now and revel in a comprehensive, engaging, and enlightening teaching aid that shall serve you faithfully for years to come!


  1. PowerPoint file (includes presentation and trivia)
  2. Link to Google Slides version


Our versatile teaching resource is available in two formats: PowerPoint and Google Slides. To fully engage your students, utilize the “slide show” view when presenting.

Begin by teaching about Martin Luther King’s life using the first part of our presentation. Encourage active participation by asking questions and inviting students to do the same, ensuring an interactive and captivating experience.

After the history lesson, it’s time for the exciting trivia game! Designed to reinforce the lessons, it can be played individually or in teams. You can even keep score on a classroom board, adding a fun competitive element to the learning experience.

Save money and buy the bundle!


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For more information on the life and work of Martin Luther King Jr., visit The King Center, an official resource dedicated to educating people about Dr. King’s life, leadership, and teachings.


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