Master Modern American History: 16 Engaging Units From Post-Civil War America to Today


Immerse your students in a vivid and comprehensive American History bundle covering the Reconstruction Era to the present day with engaging PowerPoints, primary sources, and student question worksheets.

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All U.S. History Bundle: Pre-Columbian to Today

Introducing our unparalleled American History bundle on the second half of American history, meticulously crafted for the discerning history teacher: 16 comprehensive PowerPoints and Google Slides with engaging primary source activities and student question worksheets, covering the most pivotal events in US history from the Reconstruction Era, Gilded Age and the Progressive era to the present day. Immerse your students in a vivid and relevant mosaic of tales, as they explore the Roaring Twenties, World Wars, Post-World War II Era, Civil Rights Movement, War on Terror, and much more.

Our thoughtfully curated student guided notes and primary sources serve as invaluable tools to further engage your scholars in the pursuit of historical wisdom. This bundle boasts enough content to cover a full semester and then some, with each file fully editable, granting you the power to adapt, add, or subtract content to perfectly align with your unique pedagogical approach.

So, dear history teachers, the time has come to elevate your classroom experience even further. Invest in this comprehensive American History bundle today, and witness the transformative impact of bringing history to life.


This American History bundle includes the following resources:


1. Reconstruction

Try this insightful lesson on the Reconstruction Era, exploring varied  reconstruction approaches such as Lincoln’s Plan, Johnson’s Presidential Reconstruction, and Congressional Reconstruction, along with Ulysses S. Grant’s presidency and the Compromise of 1877.


Capital and Labor

2. Capital & Labor

Study the Post-Civil War America, examining industrialization, mass production, monopolies, and the Titans of Industry, while highlighting the emergence of influential political movements like the Populist Movement and Socialist Party of America.



Wild West

3. The Wild West

Explore the American frontier’s development post-Civil War, the impact of gold rushes, railroads, and ranches on the economy, and the diverse Native American cultures entwined in conflicts with the United States.



Industrial America

4. Industrial America

Explore Industrial America in the late 1800s, delving into the transformative Gilded Age and the rapid industrialization that defined the era.



American Empire

5. American Empire

Discover the intricacies of the American Empire, delving into late 19th and early 20th century foreign interventionism, including the Spanish-American War and the Philippine-American War.



Progressive Era

6. Progressive Era

Dive into the Progressive Era and uncover how industrialization in the Gilded Age sparked worker discontent, paving the way for significant social and political reforms.



World War I

7. World War I

Discover World War I through an American lens, covering the alliance system, major battles, US involvement, and learn about the Spanish Flu.


Roaring Twenties

8. Roaring Twenties

Learn about the Roaring Twenties by exploring the culture of escape, consumption, flappers, speakeasies, bootleggers, and the vibrant Harlem Renaissance; students will have a comprehensive understanding of this transformative era.



Great Depression and New Deal

9. Great Depression & New Deal

Explore the Great Depression and New Deal Era in American history with this comprehensive and educational resource, covering the causes and effects of the Great Depression, and the resulting New Deal, among other significant topics.


World War II

10. World War II

Explore World War II from an American perspective and gain insight into the causes and effects of the war, major battles, and lived experiences with this great resource.



Cold War

11. Cold War

Teach about the causes and effects of the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union, as well as important topics like the Nuclear Arms Race, Space Race, Berlin Wall, and other significant events that continue to impact the world today.



Postwar America

12. Postwar America

Learn about changes in post-World War II America, including the arrival of rock ‘n roll, the Civil Rights Movement, and the time of development and prosperity.




13. 1960s

Study the momentous moments of the 1960s in American history with this detailed unit, discussing topics such as the Civil Rights Movement, the Vietnam War, Lyndon B. Johnson’s Great Society, Woodstock, and much more.


Stagnated Seventies

14. Stagnated Seventies

Provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the 1970s with this engaging presentation covering the end of the Vietnam War, Watergate Scandal, and economic turbulence under Nixon, Ford, and Carter administrations.



Conservative Resurgence

15. Conservative Resurgence

Discover conservatism in America during the 1980s, including Ronald Reagan’s economic policies, cultural trends, the end of the Cold War, and more in this engaging presentation.



American History

16. The Recent Past

Explore the most recent American history, including the Gulf War, 9/11, War on Terror, Great Recession, and the presidencies of George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama, Donald Trump, and Joe Biden.



Included files (across all 16 units):

  • Editable PowerPoint (Google Slides option available)
  • Primary Source PDF (Google Drive option available) with student questions
  • Student Study Guide (print or upload to LMS)
  • Teacher Guide PDF


How to use these American History units:

Our versatile and user-friendly educational resource was meticulously designed to enhance the classroom experience for both teachers and students alike. Present the engaging PowerPoint or Google Slides presentation in your classroom – for Google Slides, simply click the provided link and transfer the slides to your Google Docs account.

Engage your students by presenting the enthralling material, sparking lively discussions, and challenging young minds to think like historians while drawing insightful comparisons between historical and contemporary events.

Next, guide your students through the Student Study Guide, an interactive worksheet featuring a diverse array of question types. Students can gather the required information from your presentation, the class textbook, or online resources. Ideally, they will complete this thought-provoking worksheet as you present the material, or alternatively, finish it as homework.

Additionally, a primary source activity awaits eager minds. Students will read the accompanying primary source and respond to a series of questions to deepen their understanding.

For a more interactive learning experience, consider printing the presentation and notes for students to peruse at their own pace, or encourage them to view the slides and present the material in collaborative groups for peer-to-peer learning. If teaching online, share the Google Slides through Zoom or similar video-sharing platforms, ensuring students have access to all essential files (i.e., primary sources and student study guide worksheet). This invaluable resource is also perfectly suited for homeschooling parents, allowing students to independently explore the slides and accompanying notes before delving into the worksheets.

American History Students Will Be Able to…

  • Deepen their understanding of American history, from the era of indigenous peoples to present day
  • Comprehend how the past has shaped the world we live in today
  • Cultivate a historian’s mindset
  • Develop critical thinking skills
  • Heighten chronological awareness in history
  • Draw comparisons between American history and that of other nations
  • Master the art of perspective-taking
  • Strengthen reading comprehension
  • Expand vocabulary knowledge


Supplementary Resources

For primary sources and other sources that can supplement this curriculum, visit the National Archives

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