Postwar America, the Civil Rights Movement, & MLK: A Dynamic Presentation Bundle with Trivia and Interactive Activities


Enhance your teaching of postwar America with these comprehensive activities designed to deepen students’ understanding of the subject.


This engaging bundle offers an in-depth look into postwar America. The resources investigate the era of affluence, the Cold War, the origins of the Civil Rights Movement, and the tumultuous Sixties. The “Postwar America” unit and “1960s” unit both include a PowerPoint with a Google Slides version, student question worksheets, and primary source activities.

To top it off, students can enjoy a captivating biography presentation on Martin Luther King Jr. that culminates in a thrilling trivia game.

This is a bundle includes the following resources:

Boston Massacre Primary Source Activities

Postwar America

Explore the post-World War II era of prosperity, rock ‘n roll, and the beginning of the Civil Rights Movement with an engaging PowerPoint or Google Slides presentation on the changes that occurred in the late 1940s and 1950s in the U.S.


American Revolution and Common Sense Primary Source Activities


Discover the transformative decade of the Sixties in America, covering the Civil Rights Movement, Cuban Missile Crisis, Vietnam War, Great Society, Woodstock, and more, with this engaging resource.


American Revolution and Common Sense Primary Source Activities

Martin Luther King Biography

Engage your students in the life of Martin Luther King Jr. with our comprehensive presentation and trivia game, perfect for teaching about the leader of the Civil Rights Movement in a fun and interactive way.


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Enhance your teaching of post-World War II America with these comprehensive activities designed to deepen students’ understanding of the subject. These activities require no preparation, and they are available in different formats like PowerPoint, Google Slides, and PDF worksheets.


As history teachers know, understanding post-World War II America is essential for comprehending the country’s contemporary state. This teaching resource immerses students in this transformative era, exploring the unprecedented prosperity, emergence of rock ‘n roll, and the Civil Rights Movement. With an engaging PowerPoint or Google Slides presentation, students will learn about the changes that occurred in the late 1940s and 1950s in the United States.

What makes this lesson exceptional is the interactive component, providing questions for students to answer while the teacher presents the material, as well as a primary source activity. Students will explore a range of topics, from the rise of suburbs and Levittown to the Civil Rights Movement’s beginnings in the 1950s, including influential figures such as Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King, and learn about the Montgomery Bus Boycott and other major events during the era. The lesson also explores the cultural landscape of postwar America, with a focus on radio and TV shows, and the emergence of rock ‘n roll icons like Elvis Presley and Little Richard, providing insight into the baby boomer generation.

Postwar America - Affluent Society
Postwar America unit


Step into the turbulent Sixties in America with this comprehensive and engaging PowerPoint presentation. This lesson provides an in-depth analysis of the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Vietnam War, the Great Society, Woodstock, and more. Students will have the opportunity to explore the decade that has come to shape the modern world we live in.

The presentation will cover significant historical events, such as JFK’s assassination and the Civil Rights Act, alongside cultural phenomena like the Summer of Love and Woodstock. With topics ranging from the Bay of Pigs invasion to the Kerner Commission, this PPT offers a wide array of content to give students a complete understanding of this transformative decade. This resource as includes questions for students to answer plus a primary source.

1960s in America - Civil Rights Movement
1960s unit

Biography of Martin Luther King

Teach your students about the towering legacy of Martin Luther King and his indispensable role in the American Civil Rights Movement. This comprehensive resource covers major events in his life, including the Montgomery Bus Boycott and his iconic “I Have a Dream” speech. With our engaging presentation and trivia game, you’ll have a ready-made and effective tool that is both relevant and fun. Your students will be captivated by the interactive nature of the trivia game, making the lesson even more impactful.

Martin Luther King Jr. presentation and trivia
Martin Luther King presentation & trivia


  • Postwar America Unit
    – PowerPoint or Google Slides (with teacher guide)
    – Student questions worksheet
    – Primary Source Activity
  • 1960s Unit
    – PowerPoint or Google Slides (with teacher guide)
    – Student questions worksheet
    – Primary Source Activity
  • Martin Luther King Presentation & Trivia
    – PowerPoint version
    – Google Slides version

How to use this bundle:

  1. During two class periods, we will be exploring two PowerPoint presentations (or Google Slides) that have been prepared for your learning. To keep everyone engaged, we will turn the presentation into an interactive discussion and encourage your participation. To help guide your thoughts, we have included accompanying questions for you to consider while the teacher presents. Since there are two presentations, we anticipate that the sessions will take at least two to three classes, depending on our pace and level of engagement.
  2. You can choose to complete the Martin Luther King presentation and trivia either as homework or in class. It’s a great way to supplement the presentations and is sure to be enjoyable for students


  • Understand the effect of World War II
  • Comprehend postwar America in the 1950s to 1960s
  • Have a deeper understanding of major events during the Cold War and Civil Rights Movement
  • Deeper understanding and appreciation for Martin Luther King Jr.
  • Improve historical thinking skills
  • Increase vocabulary



For an extensive collection of American history primary resources on the Civil Rights Movement to supplement your lesson, visit the Library of Congress website.

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