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This engaging primary source activity will teach your students about Rasputin and the Russian Revolution. It’s a great resource for every World History class! Students will first be given some background information on the Russian Revolution and Rasputin (Rasputin died just three months before the revolution, and historians believe there was a connection). Students then will read some primary sources involving Rasputin and his life including his assassination.

This activity is relevant to geopolitical events in the 21st century.

There is ZERO prep needed. Just print or load the activity to your Learning Management System (LMS).

Choose the version that works best for your class!

Materials include

  1. Background information on the Russian Revolution, Rasputin, and Anastasia
  2. Three primary sources about Rasputin plus historical pictures
  3. Five pages of questions for the three primary sources

The first primary source is general information about Rasputin and how he was a charlatan and possibly a German collaborator. Students have to decided if the source is biased or reliable. Another source was a letter that Rasputin supposedly wrote to Nicholas II about what would happen in the event of his assassination. The last one is the memoir on Rasputin’s assassination. Then there are some pictures including a caricature, historical pictures, and newspaper headlines.

How to use this activity

There are many ways to use this activity. You can use it as an in-class activity or give it to students for homework. You can do one, two, or all three primary sources depending on how much time you want to spend on Russian history. If you do this activity in class, you can read the primary sources together or put the students into groups, then answer the questions that follow.

Students will be able to…

  • Have an understanding of the Russian Revolution and Rasputin
  • Think like a historian
  • Read, comprehend, and analyze primary sources
  • Improve vocabulary


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