History of St. Patrick’s Day Reading and Coloring Book and Games | Activity



Teach your elementary students about the history of St. Patrick’s Day with this reading and coloring book. It also includes some Saint Patrick’s Day fun activities and games!

This St. Patrick’s Day teaching resource will not only help students learn about the history of this festive holiday, but it will help them with their reading, hand-eye coordination (by coloring the pages), and ability to problem solve.

This activity includes more than 20 pages that teaches the story of Saint Patrick with a coloring activity for each page. After the St. Patrick’s Day reading and coloring, there are some fun activities. Students love these activities!

Students will know who Saint Patrick was and why St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated today. They will also learn about the geography of Ireland, Irish immigration to the United States and other parts of the world, and different ways St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated.

How to use this activity:

  • Print the PDF for every student
  • Staple the reading and coloring pages to make a book
  • Staple the fun games and activities separately (give this to the students after doing the reading and coloring)
  • Read the history of St. Patrick’s Day together as a class or in small groups (either read the printed version or put the PDF on the big screen)
  • Students color one page in class (and do the rest for homework)
  • Students complete the fun activities at the end of the reading

To have a better understanding of how this resource works, view the activity preview on YouTube: Click Here.


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